Sunday, January 30, 2005

So behold the birth of the wicked child

Everyday pushes me closer and closer to the edge. I can't relax, I can't think, I can't even focus, and yet, somehow I've still managed to hang on to what little control is left. That dream told me just how close I am to completely losing it, to unleashing the beast and the insanity within. It could've been saying other things too, it could've been my mind playing tricks on me. I don't know, maybe another reaction is what I need to be able to sort it out. I've been feeling vaguely murdurous for a while now, and I felt numb at best yesterday. Trying harder not to be only seemed to make the problem worse and only seemed to make me worse. I don't have many recollections of last night. In fact, I don't recall anything. I remember having family dinner, about halfway through that, I remember nothing else that happened until this morning. Fantastic huh? Maybe. Everything's a blur now, I finished editing the document because that's the last thing I really recall doing.

Stepping outside my body to escape from this reality
I feel the animosity flowing through my veins
The thing I am, the thing you hate in me
Holding on to what I have left, as the beast now takes me whole
Hide behind the demon inside, and watch them run away
Silence in the darkness, cold now from the warmth
This veil of shadows is my essence flowing from the north
Liked for what they only see, hated for what I am
Give rise now to the beast inside, and watch them run and hide



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