Sunday, December 12, 2004

CPS305, I own your ass

I'm in a temporary state of euphoria at the moment. All exams are done and we even got marks back for one of our exams, CPS305, the course that had the "You must pass the final to pass the course" stipulation to it. Coming out of the exam, I knew I lost 12 marks right off the bat, so I was worried to say the least. But anyways, I was told to check my mark today. So I logged in to SSH (which for reason, doesn't work properly for me) and checked the mark. Hoping for a pass, I guess working my ass off paid off in the end because I came out of that exam with an 18.5 out of 37. Pass? just barely. In fact, had I lost half a mark more, I would've failed, but I didn't, so all is good.

So what has this past weekend been like? I'm sure you can guess. Talking with a few people here and there, trying to make plans for the few weeks where people are actually back, one of things that we absolutely have to do is an Unhinged Tournament. Buy a box of unhinged, minimaster the packs, THEN build decks for everybody and play them against each other. Unhinged only of course, but that will definitely be fun. I must make a black-something deck that plays Zzzyxas's Abyss. In fact, I love most of unhinged, it's a fun fun fun set, reminds me why I love Magic: The Gathering so much actually, fun as hell. Another deck I want is a super secret tech deck comprised of nothing but foils, doesn't matter what the foil is, so long as it's foiled it goes in. I know, I'm strange, so sue me, I like to have some fun when I'm trying to relax. Anyways, Dave says he's in, Greg will probably want in, Theo? Francis? Josh? Anyone else want in? The more people we have, the more fun it'll be, plus if there are enough people, we could crack 2 boxes of unhinged instead of just the 1 and go nuts. Anyways, get back to me on the idea when you guys can.

I look out the window and wonder about this snow. I hate snow. I want it to be summer. Why? I'm going to complain it being bitterly hot in the summer and I'm going to complain about it being bitterly cold in the winter (depending on the humidity of course, long story, don't ask). Lot of visits to a doctor of some kind this week. Chiro on Tuesday morning, I might actually go in and check on my CMN300 mark after that too, haven't decided yet, I may just come home after, depends on how I'm feeling I suppose. Then I have a counsellor appointment this Wednesday at 2pm, and I'm supposed to decide on what course of action to take, whether or not I want to take a break, or keep going, and what I'm going to do about myself and one of the 50 million different things that's wrong with me. I might go and see the doctor later about a few things too, but I'll do that after I have a better grasp of what else is going on with me.

It seems like my stomach has calmed down so it probably was all stress induced issues. I've been listening to a lot of Stabbing Westward lately, I'm not sure how good that is for me, but I love Stabbing Westward so it's all good either way. Man, this snow is getting bad. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to do something to do, but if I don't, I might go down to 401 and do some trading or something like that. I need to plan out my week, but volatility of my schedule and other people's schedule always keeps me from really doing much planning. Ah well, more spontaneous or something? Always good to have a little bit of that. I have "Waking up Beside you" and "Save Yourself" playing through my head. Perhaps that's because I've been listening to the Darkest Days album a lot. I have to say that Darkest Days is a really good album. Come to think of it, with the exception of the self-titled album, all their albums are really good. The self-titled album only has 3 songs I actually like.

Ah well, I'm going to go back to looking at the Unhinged Spoiler some more.



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