Thursday, September 09, 2004

yay, for all the shit days over the past 2 and a half weeks, today was a good day!

Well, classes started Tuesday and so far, they've been uneventful. I'm only taking 4 clasess this semester instead of 5 because I'm on probation, but atleast I'm still there huh? So far, the one blessing is that I've been able to get a wireless connection in most of the rooms so that will definitely help out.

Had an optometrist appointment earlier today. They were diallating my pupils, so for about 3 hours after that, I was, for all intensive purposes, blind. If you've ever had to have your pupils diallated, you'll know how what I'm talking about and how uncomfortable it is to have your pupils dialolated. Oh well, atleast I don't need a new prescription, but I have a prescription in case I need new glasses anyways, I shouldn't need it though, all should be good.

Saw The Exorcist with Amy. I liked it, but then again, I love horror films, and more than that, I loved the company (quite literally too!). Only morning lectures + spend time with Amy = good day.

Oh, and I also got a Piercing Genesis, got my dev thiefy up to 105dr and 1546hp! bwahahaha!

Nothing else to write atm, just wanted to keep something somewhat up to date on here while I'm not really home to post anything!


I'm here without you, but you're still on my lonely mind...


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