Thursday, August 26, 2004

and the day drags on and on and on....

24 hours....and the days seem to pass so slowly. Seth, Satan....doesn't matter, the day just seems to drag on and on, the hours, minutes and seconds all seeming to last an eternity. I can't believe its only 5 right now, maybe its just wishful thinking in hoping that the days will past faster, maybe you don't notice the time pass when you're enjoying yourself, and when you're not, every minute seems to last a million years or more.

Just received an email that said not to open until after August 30th. It makes me wonder ya know? I mean, call it a feeling if you will. Just one of those bad feelings you get in your gut when it feels like something's not quite right or something's wrong but you can't exactly place your finger on it. Maybe I'm being paranoid, maybe I'm not...part of me wants to open it and see what's in it that I can't open until past the 30th. But I'll swallow these gut feelings for now and wait to open it. I can't help but think that its bad news because when has something that's been sent to me and told to open only after a certain date ever been a good thing? Never. Maybe its different in thise case, but that's not what my gut tells me. But either way, if it says to open after the 30th of August, I'll wait until after the 30th of August to open it.

I hate this...not being able to talk to you, not being able to see you...I miss you...

And its still only 5:46. Its felt more like 2 hours have passed than 20 minutes. Maybe I need to go have a drink, maybe that'll help calm my nerves. A beer sounds good right about now, but there's seth tonight, so perhaps I should just wait it out and try to function to the best of my ability. I can't believe I died today still...feel so stupid for dying like that: gouge when true was at 0, shockshield runs, shield does 500 damage, then 2 chills and that was all she wrote. Furthermore, after seth died, the mud crashed, which forced us to imm CR, and even though we would've CR'd fine by ourselves if the mud hadn't crashed, we had seth pieces eaten so now I'm owing a whispers. Then at satan earlier, I had to use devil...she switched to me, hit me with a breath and a full physical round, down to 100 on that round, I eventually died, but I mean, fucking hell. Seth tonight, I hope I'll be able to function. Time passes so slowly, I find myself looking over at the clock every few minutes hoping this week will just pass, but perhaps that's more wishful thinking.

Beat Super Mario 3 again, bowser is such a pain in the ass. Party on Saturday, time to put on the facade and the illusion of being content again. "How much more will it take, how much more until it breaks me?" Maybe this will be enough.


You're my rhyme, you're my reason
And you let my music live
You give me life, you let me breath


Blogger Tim said...

"Party on Saturday, time to put on the facade and the illusion of being content again."

Boo. Such a downer man, and the party isn't for another day at least. ^_^

You get all gothy angsty and I'll kick your ass until you don't know if you're having fun or not, okay?

Take is easy.

August 26, 2004 at 5:53 PM  

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