Wednesday, July 21, 2004

just another day

Well, today had some point to it I suppose, but for the most part, it was pointless. They were doing fire alarm inspections today so I had to stick around until they had gotten to us and were finished. So waited all morning, and early afternoon until they finally came. Now, they started from the top instead of the bottom, which was definitely a godsend because else I think my ears would've bled to death. Everytime they tested an alarm, a screech would appear over the PA. Anyways, by the time they got to us, it was about 2pm and I couldn't head to the bank anymore so I just made lunch and was done with.

Dad gave me a webcam today so I was messing around with that a bit, they really are quite funny to have, lots you can do I suppose. Not to mention the fact that I now have a USB hub and a wireless mouse to boot so should I ever need to, the options are always there. I suppose I can always try and take 'pictures' with the webcam...yes, those kinds of pictures, but who would want to see them anyways? Anyways, I suppose I could get them if anyone wanted 'em, but hey, atleast I have some way of getting a quick photo of myself if need be. Webcam MSN works fine with 6.2 so all is good (and what was the suggestion of using a webcam to chat naked with the girlfriend?). Anyways, if anyone wants REGULAR photo's of me, fine, just bug me for 'em.

Dressing an evil ranger and an evil vamp are going to be more work than I bargained for. I need satan gear to use my evil vamp for satan because his base hp sucks ass. 683 is just pitiful. Mandor went well, I almost scrapped, but I didn't, so all is good. Maybe we'll do another run tonight, and it looks like I'll be joining Hunters once I can find Merf (I think I've proven myself and they're giving me the free pass, I just have to lead a run that gives rqp now). Of course, they want a corst run set up at some point, so we're going to work on that too, get a solid corst run going. I keep having these annoying discussions with people about working up and how you can't just jump to the top of the ladder, and how you can't buy and gold your way to the top, but it seems like they just won't listen. Oh well.

Heading over to the bank tomorrow, probably gonna go down to the university as well, do 2 things and get them out of the way.

Anyways, nothing really to post, just felt like keeping things up-to-date.

I love you Amy...and I miss you....


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