Saturday, July 10, 2004

yay, 20

Ok, so I'm 20...yes, I realize my birthday was yesterday, not today, but I wasn't home all day yesterday so all was well. Saw King Arthur with Amy, it had absolutely NO plot to it (I mean, I could have told you that from the previews, but I wanted to see it anyways), but as far as plotless movies went it wasn't half bad. Keira Knightly (sp?) can NOT act. She doesn't even know how to do fake tears! (that one scene where she's supposed to be crying or so it appears, but all she can muster is a trickle out of the corner of her eye). Its like I said, the one thing Keira Knightly (sp?) can do: act like a slut and look pretty.

For the record, scottish people are very strange sometimes. Anyways, that aside done, I'm reminded that I need to finish a blackrose rotation as well as a nightmare rotation. I was just reminded of this (go moss and your memory, I remembered, but I'm out a lot ;)). playlist seems to like the depressive music, but then again, almost all the music on it is like that. 5 Stabbing Westward songs, 2 Hoobastank songs...mmm, the source of all my musical influence.

Anyways, heading on out, another update later tonight.


Blogger Tim said...

I told you about Arthur! I told you! But you won't listen to me, would you...

Also, what's so odd about the scottish? *Stands in Kilt, armed with Claymore*

Oh, and the secret to depressing music? WinAmp's Tempo controller set at +50%. YES. DO IT.

*Missed another night's sleep*

July 11, 2004 at 3:27 AM  

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