Saturday, June 12, 2004

Killing time!

Yay, I am absolutely abysmal at pkill right now! Not only have I forgotten how to pursue, but I missed all my style changes, nor am I fleeing right! something tells me more practice is in order.


hrm, that didn't seem like it lasted only an hour, oh well...stupid forested arena, got jumped by deadlies part way through, damn mephie hits hard...she sucks, but she hits hard atleast, its a good exercise in tanking either way. Hrm, now the rangers want to go to badlands instead of forested, could be fun, but I think I'll stay away from PK the rest of the night and try to get some rest at some point.

I swear, I must seriously have issues or team in SD3 is up to level 15...and I haven't even left the area outside tenkgar yet, 3 more levels until a class hour or 2 a bad is that? seriously..
oh well, atleast its a way to kill the time....

Still don't know what's going on the next 2 days yet, I suppose just waiting and seeing is the only way.



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