Saturday, June 12, 2004


Ok, so its been your typical day (or not depending on how you define typical and how you define day); as far as I'm concerned, the pointless of the day thus far, as well as the pointlessness of what the rest of the day is shaping up to be, constitutes of a typical day.
Mana....manamanamanamanamanamana. Yes, I've been playing seiken densetsu 3 on my laptop all day, so my mind is kind of in a loop, manamanamana....just got Jinn, boss fight was a sinch, but I'm sure you'd already know that if you've played the game. Angela's a beast...she dresses like a slut, but she's a beast. Nothing look a good old fashioned spell casting and coin tossing spree to bring down a flying thing that refuses to stay on the ground to get hit eh? I'll probably end up levelling until I can class change charcters the first time, what a way to kill several hours of day.

Hrm, how silly can you be to lose a stool next to a frog? I suppose I have to go look for it now...bah, the ntr is too big...which reminds me, food's in the microwave, should probably go get that at some point. Yay for microwave pasta....atleast its bearable.

So nice outside, it'd probably make more sense to go out and do something rather than sit here all day listening to music and chatting on RoD or chatting on RoD and playing sd3, I could always read...don't feel like it right now, and I have to find a copy of the devil's notebook (anybody feel like helping me look?). I suppose I have to explain the name of the blog at some point...apparently, I'm satan, this was news to me, that's the way online quizes are huh? But if anyone can find anything written by Aleister Crowley or Anton LaVey, keep an eye out and let me know? which reminds me, order mars 3 and 4 from at some point.

My playlist likes to misbehave or something, 6 iced earth songs in a row. Granted, I am not complaining in the least bit, but out of a list of about 800 songs, you'd figure it wouldn't do that. oh wait, now its on haven't gone away by econoline crush, must. change. song. ok, playing home isntead. I suppose on can say I'm obsessive eh? whatever, I like the song.

Have family from the states coming up to visit monday, so have to take them places around the city...that'll be fun, driving downtown, not my cup of tea, definitely not my cup of tea. But family is family huh? even if you don't think you have one eh? Time to put on the perfect mask again, gotta act like everything's alright, pretend to be happy, perfect mask.

Don't have much done on this song yet, just the first verse, still working on the chorus...the tune I'm using reminds me so much of anything by stone sour, meh, whatever, here's a tidbit:

Watch them take it all away
Expectations everyday
Selfish fuckers always
Feeding upon your flesh
Obligations set in stone
In this sea of fire known
Is there even any--
one left inside your mind...
For you to call your own?

pretty crappy huh? its the first verse and the song's titled "Peer Pressure" - gotta love composing anything about teen angst huh? (On a sidenote, if you want some good music to fuck to, download anything by "lords of acid". What can I say, my mp3 list is random).

Oh well, running out of things to write, today's been boring. Hopefully, the next few days will be better to some extent. Depends what happens tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow huh? Maybe I'll get to see her tomorrow depending on how things work out, hopefully? Its been...24 hours? and I miss her so much already...

(maybe you'll read this, maybe you won't, but I love you Amy..)

And again with the post editing, ok, going back to mana (yeah, I suck, I know).



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