Sunday, July 25, 2004

the human race

Human beings are such stupid creatures. As I pass the days, I wonder where the intelligence and of the general populace has gone. Are we so used to the convenience of having everything done for us and having machines automate 90% of our tasks that we are in capable of doing things ourselves? Have we degraded ourselves to the point where we are incapable of putting in even a little bit more effort to complete a task and have to ask someone else to do it for us?

Each day, my contempt for the general populace sinks even lower. I find myself wanting to hurt and kill more and more people. Perhaps if an example is made of some, then others will learn from their mistakes and follow suite; but it appears as if that will never happen.

Ahh, the semicolon, good ol' semicolon, how often are you used improperly? I mean, I'm not even sure I use the semicolon properly sometimes, and yet, you get illiterate imbeciles who use the semicolon as if it was a period because they think it 'looks good' when it really makes whatever they are worse. Often times, the semicolon usage of people makes me cringe and get it removed from the english language.

I digress as per usual though. What has suddenly re-sparked my complaints about the general population? Just the usual really. People are so full of themselves now, they feel that they can be as rude and impetious to everyone and still get the respect they feel they deserve when all they are doing is making themselves look like bigger and bigger retards. Most do it to get into a pissing contest so they can try to assert that they themselves are better than someone else in some way or another, yet, I find no point in stooping to their level in the first place, nor should anyone with any form of self respect.

Perhaps I am overreacting, and perhaps I'm not, but the stupidity of the human race is one dilineating factor that seperates it from all other species. People like to think that the human race is smarter than every other animal, yet, I feel that the human race is the epitome of stupidity in the animal kingdom. You're welcome to argue the point with me, but I have reason enough to say the human race is stupid. Do you have enough reasons to prove me wrong?



Blogger Akuma said...

Man Im so with you on this one. People tend to take for granted the fact that the human brain is capable of so much, but problem is people get big-headed about it, and just do absolutely no thinking when it comes to any sort of real-life task. I blame Americans, bunch of morons and inbred, oblivious neanderthals.


July 27, 2004 at 5:58 PM  

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