Monday, August 30, 2004

two days...three days...?

Well, went out with the gang again, t'was fun, went to pacific, kinda just hung around for a few hours and then went out to dinner at Congee Wong. All in all, fun day. I finally was able to get a few games of that keyboard mix game in, its kinda fun...although a bit of a pain to read the notes as well as hit the keys at the same time, I'm not used to the keyboard, the keys are smaller than I'd like. Eh, whatever, I can get better at it if I really tried, besides, its really not that bad since I already basically know how to play the piano, its just trying to coordiante that with a moving screen takes a bit of practice and getting used to.

Party on Friday was fun too, lotsa chatting 'bout stuffs, had some fun beating up each other at Puzzle Fighter and watched some anime as well. Nothing horribly bad, just a fun time all around.

Worked on memorizing and learning some songs this morning before I headed out, Melancholy (Holy Martyr) by Iced Earth, Enter Sandman by Metallica. Furthermore, I've been trying to learn the words to Fade to Black by Metallica and Slither by Velvet Revolver. Fade to Black and Slither are difficult to memorize, the verses are all unique and only have slight differences, it'll be a nice challenge.

Yes, I know, my past few posts may have seemed rather redundant and stupid. I'm aware of this, yet I have not found anything interesting from my mind to put down. I mean, I could rant again about how slow people are, and how they like to get in the way of everyone else, but I suppose I can't really do that at the moment - not quite enough provocation for another rant about that just yet.

Got chiro first thing tomorrow morning, then I should head down to the university and try to fix my timetable, hopefully, I'll be able to get everything done so I don't have to worry 'bout them anymore and can just relax until the beginning of the semester...I hate having loose ends, I always get so impatient with them and want to resolve them as soon as possible. Hey, on the plus side, atleast my neck is doing better, now its just the shoulders and back that need help.

Yes, I realize that this is another one of my boring and somewhat pointless posts, hopefully, I'll be able to post something better soon.


Two...Three more days to wait...I miss you so much...


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