Thursday, November 24, 2005


Notebook, notebook, whee! Notebook. Yeah, I know, I get absurdly happy over the silliest things like a new notebook. That being said, today was both productive (a little bit anyways), frustrating (because Mason is a bloody horrible prof who doesn't know what the hell he's doing and keeps changing HIS code because there are a ton of errors in it), and tiring. Doing that much brain work and then having to try to figure out why Mason's code wasn't working, then trying to figure out 706. All in all, I'm cranky, tired, in pain, fighting off the effects of the food poisoning, trying to make appointments every which way, needing to get prescriptions for things that I need to take (yes, acid reflux hurts, it really really, Nexium isn't in the antacids aisle), still fighting off the effects of the food poisoning (almost gone, I swear), joints are complaining about the weather...but I got a new notebook. Which somehow, almost makes up for all the shit that's happened. Ok, not quite, but what the hell, it sounds good to say. A little bit anyways, I'm sure it probably doesn't, but meh.

Assignment to be submitted and demo'd tomorrow. Going in early to work out the final kinks in it before submission. Hopefully, it'll work, and we'll get a good mark on it. Hopefully anyways. It's hard to say for certain how we'll do on these assignments, just gotta do what we can and hope that it all turns out for the best. Whatever. Complete, demo, submit, wait and see. That's the order that will be done, that is what shall come to pass. You know, I'll never understand why they moved Smackdown! from Thursday to Friday. I liked it in the Thursday night slot. Thursday tends to be my "You'll be at home anyways, so why not watch something you actually enjoy?" day. Oh well. What IS on Thursday nights anyways? ER? I don't know. Meh, whatever. Well, whatever, I need to go make myself something to eat and get something warm to drink. You people know what to do if you need to get a hold of me, leave a message or call. I'm not much of one for making phone calls.

Ok, so I ate, and I feel like editing this post. Why? I don't know. Just a feeling. I have a lot of those. Or rather, I get a lot of those. Gut feelings. Especially when I'm having stomach cramps. That's ok. So after a bad day, I'm listening to Simple Plan. I'm so good to myself. Well, what can I say? Great way to end the day, feeling even shittier than this morning. Most excellent. I should probably have confirmation for the appointment by tomorrow. I still need to make a psychiatrist and doctor appointment. But atleast it'll be 1/3 out of the way. Maybe I'm the one in the way. Should I go off somewhere and simply not exist to the rest of the world? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I'm not sure. What do you think is a good idea? It's not like people would want to just talk to me anyways. Even for 5 minutes. Such is life. That's ok. Everyone's always too busy with something or the other to take those 5 minutes, those same 5 minutes that I'm willing to spare for people. Calling people at 11:30 also doesn't seem like something I should do, if only for the simple fact that it is more likely to just have people more annoyed at me than anything. So does that mean I should go and not exist? Vanish and fade into the lifestream? such are the thoughts that go through my head. Overanalyze, always thinking of worst case scenarios? Maybe that's how I always get myself stressed out even more than I already am. Always expecting the worst in every situation. Well, ok, not necessarily the worst, just something that I know would upset me. Such is the way I am, there is nothing that I do to change that.

Coding coding, lots of coding. Coding coding, even more coding. Coding coding. I hate coding. I absolutely loathe and abhor coding and programming right now. Most likely due to the fact that I've done so much of it recently and it's been so bloody frustrating because it never works. Maybe I'll make that phone call afterall. Why? Even though I know it'll most likely just upset me depending on the reaction? Masochistic tendencies. Something like that anyways. It's amusing to read through what I write and notice the mood swings from paragraph to paragraph. Manic to depressive to something else entirely. Suicidal? Homicidal? Everything in between that too? Am I just that bad? I would say so. In fact, I would say I'm downright horrendous. My presence only serves to aggitate and cause problems. But then again, what else is new. Such has been what my presence has done in the past. I'm sure that it will continue to do the same. Nonetheless, I'm sure people are enjoying themselves now. Think I haven't been around as much? I've been busy as hell. Yes, contrary to popular belief, I do actually do work. I do actually work my ass off on these things. For what? No one gives a fuck how I do anyways. If I'm not doing well, the typical reaction tends to be to run away and wait for me to simmer out first. Don't want me to break any good moods or anything now.

In case you were wondering where that rant came from? I blame my father.

There's a young boy sitting in his room beside the box of toys, he watched the forms pass by the window and pressed his face up to glass...


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