Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stable, for now

Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. It's been a very very very long few days, but I'm still alive nonetheless. I started another AMV, not everyone's seen my first one yet, that's ok I guess, they'll bug me about it if they really do want to see it. If not, meh, it isn't like it's that great anyways. Perhaps I am a tad harsh on myself. I mean, we are most definitely our own worst critics. All the flaws and mistakes seem to jump out of the screen towards me when I watch it and I can tell where I should change something, but I don't know exactly how. However, I think that even if I did fix every flaw I could find, I would undoubtedly find more because of the simple fact that it is my own work and therefore I could dissect it bit by bit without much trouble.
Nonetheless, less focus on worrying about the flaws of the first and moving onto the second. The first one was using the song My Last Breath by Evanescence, taking clips from X. For this second AMV, I took clips from X as well, except this time to the song Taking Over Me also by Evanescence. I'm at the 1 minute mark of the second one, about a quarter of the way through. Finished the first verse and first chorus, now just have the rest of the song to go.
I'm tired, I don't want to post. I'm going to go curl up in bed and.....something.



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