Wednesday, October 12, 2005

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Ok, so I'm mostly tier-less and that's not exactly a bad thing, and by tier-less, I mean I can now avoid using multiple tier characters and still give tier teams a run for their money. So what are my new mostly tier-less "gem" teams? I've got a few, 3 or 4 actually. I like how they've been playing out and they've even been giving runaway teams a good fight. I'm going to just run down them really quickly.

1. Sakura/Jin/Dr. Doom - This team is to deal with Sentinel/AAA. I know, it's a bit of a broad way of putting it, but that's basically what it's for. Jin is the answer to the AAA both when he's in play and his AAA. If the AA in question is Cable, Jin is brought in safely as soon as possible to kill Cable before he has a chance to get in to do some real damage. The purpose of this team is not to transform Sakura into Dark Sakura as soon as possible. In fact, ths team works better with normal Sakura on point rather than putting Doom on point to build meter. Both Sakura and Jin are heavily underrated and that works to this teams advantage very nicely. Normal Sakura has answers to triangle-jumping and flying Sentinel in the form of her Shinkou Hadouken (remember, the normal one goes at an angle, not straight) and if an errant AAA is called, she can do the guard break glitch with her Shouken cancelled into a Shinkou Hadouken. Combine that with Doom rocks and DHC into Blodia Punch is one very very dead assist. Also, if you DHC into Blodia punch and they're far enough away, you can pull of the Guard Break glitch on the Blodia punch leading to not only a dead assist but a very hurt point character (Doom rocks obviously to keep them from doing anything to you).
Why do I say this team is strong against Sentinel? Because while Sakura stops Sentinel from flying, Doom forces Sentinel to take to the skies. The idea is to force the Sentinel player to try to adapt strategies mid-fight, using 2 characters that are used so rarely that there's no real set strategy to going against them. Jin assist may not have the same kind of power as Captain Commando's Captain Corridor, but the Saotome Dynamite gives you an answer to triangle jumpers, along with Sakura's Shinku Hadouken. The lack of Captain Commando or Blackheart hurts this team when trying to deal with Storm or Spiral, but I'm going to be very blunt here, Storm and Spiral give every character trouble and have no bad matchups at all. None. The only thing you can really do is punish with Doom rocks and Dark Sakura (I know, I just said that this team functions better with normal Sakura, but sometimes, Dark Sakura is just a necessity).
As for Cable, while this team doesn't have the best answers to Cable, it has 3 very good ones. Jin's Anti-Air assist has 1 frame invincibility, so if he thinks that he can chip Sakura from upclose with AHVB, pull out that Jin assist, block low and send him to the other side of the screen (Sakura crouches under AHVB if it's too close, her height makes her *perfect* for dealing with most tier characters). When Jin's on point, You lose a bit of power for dealing with Cable, but hopefully, you'll have dealt with the Anti-Air assist (You did take it out with a DHC Blodia punch and that's why Jin's in right?) which gives you a pressure chip trap game up close that's only really rivalled by Strider/Doom, Sentinel/Doom and Bison/Doom (the characters that actually do something to you while Doom rocks are there). Not bad huh? Remember that Jin chips on *every single flaming attack*. So his fierces and roundhouses combined with Doom assist is a ton of chipping damage on anyone, especially someone huge like Sentinel. Speaking of Sentinel again, Sakura can also infinite Sentinel to build 5 bars, super and DHC to Saotome Cyclone to knockout Sentinel (about 72 hits to kill). Doom can also keep Cable grounded which means dead Cable.
Like I said, biggest advantage to this team is that your opponent *will* underestimate you. Sakura and Jin are *hard* to play well, they aren't the scrub characters that everyone thinks they are. They aren't comboless, they just aren't combo machines. The combos you can pull off are short and sweet, and they HURT. Don't ever underestimate the: lp, lp, Saotome Cyclone, OTG Saotome Dynamite cancelled into blodia punch, d+hk cancelled into Blodia Punch. It's 3 bars, but it hurts. A lot. Even a basic Sakura air combo takes off about 40-50% from Sentinel, and that's no easy feat in and of itself.

That was a mouthful...ok, onto team 2...

2. Bison or Sakura/Thanos/Jin or Psylocke or Captain Commando or Cyclops - Sakura and Jin are for the same reasons above, but Bison+Thanos is really a sight to behold. The traps and combos you can pull off using Thanos Capture assist with Bison's psycho field and psycho shot are really something to see if you ever get a chance to. Because of Bison's basic ground combo, you can actually keep them pinned in the death sphere indefinitely if you don't throw the Nightmare Kneepress but replace that with a psycho shot. The death sphere hits them while they're still stunned from the psycho shot and you can then repeat the cycle. If you pause for a second after the death sphere hits, you'll reset the combo. It's a fast and effective way to build meter while keeping them pinned down. When you've had enough of bouncing them around like that, finish them off with Bison's horrendously damaging psycho crusher air combo. If you want to DHC out into Thanos, use his SOUL super because power orb is too slow to hit, they can roll out of Space, and reality...well, they're in the air, reality isnt going to connect, and they can roll it too if on the odd chance it does. Any of the anti-airs work with this team really, Cyclops works well with Thanos, but Bison thrives more on Psylocke, Captain Commando or Jin. I'd just pick whichever anti-air you feel best with on that day. Cammy is good too, but she can't chip like Psylocke, Commando, Jin or Cyclops can so she's a tad wasted on this team. Hell, even Dr. Doom would be good in the last slot, up to you which you like really, but the team shines with just Bison and Thanos.
The only problem that this team runs into is that it has NO answer for Magneto's and Storms short of the anti-air assist, and before you say anything, I'm dead serious. Cable isn't a problem because Bison can rape beamers with Thanos assist (ever teleported and had Cable start AHVB...only to get caught by bubble and be proceeded to be combo'd for his bar? It's funny to watch). This team however, has next to no answer for Spiral. Short of Captain Commando AAA. But if you're playing this team against Spiral/Sentinel/Storm, you're just asking to get your ass handed to you on a stick anyways. But if you are brave enough to try, get in Spiral's face, and when you see Sentinel assist, teleport, go after Sentinel and don't let up until Sentinel is gone. Spiral and Storm are going to give you problems out the wazoo anyways, you need to drop them the moment they show a face as an assist, especially Storm. Bison can't handle Storm runaway, so get ahead in life as soon as you can and force them to come to you instead. Against the tier-less teams, this team is just power ontop of power, ontop of power. Jin instead of CapCom for non-tier, CapCom or Cyclops against tier, Psylocke is good whenever. The trick to this team is to never ever *ever* let up one you have an offensive edge. It's not as strong as Bison/Doom, but Bison/Thanos has many offensive options and Thanos is a really strong character when he comes into play (again, not the same calibre as Doom, but these are mostly NON-tier teams).
Swap Bison for Sakura when you run into huge tier team issues, Sakura is better equipped to dealing with them, although the above team will work better against tier than this one, this one is...a very good non-tier team. Pushing Bison and calling AA leads to a Nightmare Kneepress combo followed by multiple power balls on the assist taking it out very quickly. This team can trap, but remember, there's no Doom, so smart playing is required to be good with this team. Against Cable, if he's on his last bit of life and you can't teleport out of the way of an AHVB fast enough, you might want to consider Air PC IMMEDIATELY DHC into Soul. Since Soul's star up is instantaneous, you can grab Cable out of the AHVB sometimes, either way, Bison takes more damage than Thanos. So sometimes, bring him in to take a small combo. But unlike the team above, this team has no way of dealing with Spiral and Storm short of the AA. Also, be careful of Sentinel, Bison isn't the fastest nut to be dealing with Sentinel and Thanos is a MASSIVE target for Sentinel rushdown. This team has the tools to fight Sentinel, but they aren't as great as other answers and it's very difficult to play against him at the best of times as is. Unlike the Sakura/Jin/Dr. Doom team, this team cannot combat flying Sentinel from the ground, and keep him pinned down from above. So you're going to be relying a LOT on mind games and capitalizing on every single missed opportunity. You don't get many chances against Sentinel, don't pass them up (and I can't iterate how important it is to take out his AAA at the first possible point in time to do so, removing the AAA makes the fight a lot easier as you can now take the fight to him without worrying as much about being blown out of the sky). Be careful about calling Thanos. Try not to make it so that your opponent can take advantage because Thanos is a massive target.

Yes, I have a few more teams in the works, but I don't want to unveil them until I've played them a bit more and tuned them a bit. The 2 above I've played a bit, had a chance to test and try things out, and they've proven effective. I'm working on a few other teams at the moment, but like I said, I won't unveil them until I'm ready and am satisfied with them. Anyways, not much else I wanted to post right now, just felt like ranting a bit..

If I go crazy then will you still call me superman? If I'm alive and well will you be there holding my hand?


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