Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Triple post..

Ok, haven't done that in a while, granted my first 2 posts weren't really about anything in particular, or about anything at all. Triple posting..damn. One of these days, I'm going to finally lose it. What then? What happens to me then? What happens to the people around me? I find myself listening to Evanescence a lot when I get this bad. Is that a bad thing? Probably. Although that being said, I don't think I have any music that's good for me when I get this bad. So what is it that I am doing at the moment? Chatting and posting, listening to music. Did some work on the CPS706 assignment earlier, damn it's a hard assignment. Oh well. Not much that can be done about it really. I'll finish it, I have tons of time before the assignment is due (something in the next 2 weeks).
Depression group starts in 2 weeks tomorrow. Fun. I'm sure it'll do me a world of good. Well, I'm not going to put it on the cutting block before going, I'll give it a chance. Then we'll see what happens from there. I'm listening to Away From Me, by Evanescence right now, replaced the CD in my CD player with uhh...Hoobastank's self titled album. I can't even write properly. Can't collect my own thoughts. Nothing, I'm a wreck, I'm a mess. I don't know what's wrong with me, I don't know what isn't wrong with me. Maybe someone can answer me this one. Meh. Even if I'm doing horribly, does it matter? Maybe it does, maybe not. Try, try and try some more. That seems to be all I've been doing, but trying only seems to make things worse. Coincidence? Dumb luck? Not sure. I'm tempted to say it isn't, just that I make bad decisions. Meh. Could be, could not be. Whatever. I can't think, I can't do anything right. Seems like things just keep getting worse.

How much more will it take? How much more until it breaks me?


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