Sunday, October 23, 2005


Ok, so I could only identify one of the things that was wrong that I couldn't figure out. As for the rest? I'm not sure. Can't think right now. Food is almost ready though, I can smell that much. Damn, I just ate an hour ago, hungry already. Guess that's what it does to ya after a while. Counsellor appointment tomorrow, group on Thursday, midterm on Friday. What a week this is going to be. The real kicker is that on top of that..I don't really know. I lost my train of thought in the middle of trying to type that sentence and in the 10 minutes that have elapsed, I haven't been able to regain it. So whatever. So sleepy. So tired. I'm losing my mind, and I can't remember what's happened. Maybe this is a sign of something bad. Maybe it's a sign of something else. Somebody help me breath.



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