Saturday, October 29, 2005

what to write..

Well, first group session is done, as is the assignment and one midterm. One midterm to go, group again this Thursday, another assignment to go as well. At the very least, this assignment is almost done. Won't take me long to finish. Did some readings and filling out some of the things that I have to have done for Thursday, 2 chapters read, one left. Atleast it isn't a difficult read, of course, the reading isn't the hard bit, I think thinking is the harder bit, but thought provoking is good...right? Well, sometimes it is anyways, other times it just isn't, but there's not much that can be done about that. So what have I been up to between now and the last time I posted? Studying, assignments. That's most of it. It's the thing I spend the most time doing now it appears. What else? I have been stewing in my own thoughts a lot. Rather a lot of a lot at that. I realize that it isn't the best thing for me to do, but nonetheless, it happens.
I've also designed a few Ravnica decks, few that are doing well so far, I'll see how they go and post them later. You can find them on if you're really interested though, they're all in the block forum since I don't play T2. Anyways, not sure what I feel like writing really...felt like I should write something though.



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