Sunday, June 12, 2005


Bregan wonders 'stats?'
You say 'can't say'
Bregan wonders 'why?'
Bregan wonders 'you dont know?'
You say 'just can't say anything about it'
Bregan raises an eyebrow.
Bregan says 'I dont understand...what you mean can't'
Bregan boggles in complete incomprehension.
You say 'I just can't'
Bregan purses his lips and goes 'pffffffth!!!!!'
Bregan says 'charming'
Bregan wonders 'were you planning to hold other information back from your guildmates if you succeed in your application?'
You say 'There are certain things that I am simply not allowed to disclose. This is one of them that is information privy to the order.'
Bregan says 'ah i see...well, at least that's not so vague. Thanks for the explaination'
Bregan wonders 'save me reading the logs of your interview...which order are you in? and what chars?'
You say 'I am Inconnu.'
Bregan says 'nm...I found it'
Bregan wonders 'so why join GoC?'
You say 'I believe my reasons are right in the interview, I have friends here, and I spend a lot of time here anyways'
Bregan says 'yes, I read the interview'
Bregan says 'I wanted to hear it from you personally :)'
You seem to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".
Bregan says 'because we won't be as much of a headache, it says, and because you want to chat with people here...I agree the atmosphere is relaxed and laid back here...very friendly place :)'
You say 'well, it's just more laid back :P'
You say 'very different '
Bregan says 'yes, I always liked that about GoC'
Bregan says 'more of a family...not so much politics and pressure'
Bregan says 'just a place to hang out and stuff'
You nod solemnly.
Bregan says 'Daos says 'I think I can offer a hand when one is'
Bregan says 'needed, as well as knowledge and experience when it's wanted.'
Bregan says 'you said...'
Bregan wonders 'but that would be with the exception of information you consider privy to your the light?'
Bregan wonders 'right?'
You nod solemnly.
You say 'I will not betray my order'
Bregan says 'I mean I dont expect run notes...I know how tough the furies are'
Bregan says 'and , I would hope that you would not betray it'
Bregan says 'I am in RB and I feel the same way'
Bregan smiles happily.
You nod solemnly.
Bregan says 'ps, as COC I will have to vote on that's why I'm 20 questions here :)'
You seem to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".
Bregan ruffles your hair playfully.
You grin.
You say 's'all good'
Bregan giggles.
Bregan says 'in truth everyone seems rather dazzled by you, so I doubt my vote will have much are likely to be a shoe-in...'
Bregan giggles.
You seem to get a laugh from something saying, "heh heh heh".
Bregan says 'that in itself, though, for me, also makes me wonder heh'
Bregan shrugs helplessly.
You say 'I just try to be myself, no fancy gimics'
Bregan nods solemnly.
Bregan says 'good :)'
Bregan says 'this place is all about being yourself'
You nod solemnly.
Bregan says 'it is encouraging to hear that you like dirty carrots, thought'
Bregan says 'though*'
Bregan says 'that's always a plus :P'
You grin.
You say 'nothing wrong with dirty carrots'
Bregan says 'anyway, I wont keep pestering you :P thanks for taking the time to talk to me and stuff :)'
Bregan hugs you.
You nod solemnly.
You slurp Bregan!
You say 'np'
Bregan grabs a towel and dries himself off.



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