Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And if I should fall here and now, who would be there, show me that they're still around?

Ok, well, Anime North is done for another year, and it's had a few days to wind down which of course means that I'm back at home sitting around trying to get a job, and being lazy the rest of the time. Sitting here having lunch at the moment, letting the time pass me by. It's depressingly bright outside. Most people don't seem to find it depressing when it's bright, of course, most people also tell me I'm strange and being who I am, I am bound to oppose the general concensus unless I've deemed fit to do different.

As per usual, I did my scouring of rare and random things in the dealer room, and I managed to find one of the things I was looking for, although I couldn't get the other. Managed to find the complete Devil Hunter Yohko box set, all 6 episodes of it, plus a few extras. The fourth episode is cute, it's nothing but music videos. Still looking for another really old Anime that I can't seem to find. I have 3 episodes on VHS that we copied over from laserdisc, but I have no clue what it's called, although with a bit of searching, I could probably find it. It has giant robots, but predated DVD so it'll be hard to find.

Food is good. Usually. Food is not good when it makes your stomach do backflips and somersaults simultaneously on itself, but still is a necessity of life. There are other things that one needs in order to survive, but I will not go into all of them. I've been getting very annoyed by these dreams lately. I've written 2 songs in my dreams now and I can't remember them enough to be able to put them down on paper. Hell, if I could remember any of it, I'd be able to figure the rest out by memory eventually, but I can't even remember one line, let alone the rest of it. It even had music, which is what confuses me more, I had wrote words and music to it, but I can't remember for the life of me what it is. Whatever. Sooner or later, I'll remember what it is, or I'll write it. Listening to some Hoobastank right now, gonna put on 3 doors down, Hatebreed or Sevendust soon I think. My DamagePlan CD is still in the drive, I should probably take that out before I forget I have it in there.

There, CD is out of the drive and food is all done. Probably need to get outside now, I hate being in here. Go out and do what? Does it even matter? Not really. So long as I'm not at home. Which of course, now begs the question again, where do I go and what do I do? I could go to the arcade and putz around for a bit, or I could say, go for a walk. It's too damn bright outside, it might even be warm. Yay. Warm would be nice. Warm would be very nice. I think I'm going to go for that walk.



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