Saturday, October 23, 2004

Let the dead overbear the living once again

One more week until all hallow's eve. One of the very few days that's actually a religious holiday for me, the other...well, that was months ago. It's too bad it won't be a full moon, would've been a perfect time to work a spell with both the energy of the dead and the energy of the moon to draw from. There are limitless sources of which one can tap into, yet people never think that they can draw energy from something they aren't used to working with. Oh well, more for me.

Magic is a funny thing (I do mean that in the quite non-joking manner, magic is not something to be tampered with without proper training and precautions taken), the possibilities are endless, yet most practitioners confine themselves for no reason at all. I fail to see how a closed minded individual can practice magic in the first place, yet they do and expect results from their dabblings into the occult and the unknown. They are ill-fitted to do anything more than cheap party tricks, let alone use magic to achieve a goal. Yet there are individuals, such as that described above, who try to dabble into forces beyond their comprehension and control, and it sickens me to no end to know that there are practitioners that are like that.

Now, you may ask why I'm talking about the occult. As all hallow's eve approaches, I feel more and more inclined to revert to my old habits and actively practice again. I will not as I have made a promise not to, but I assure you, the temptation is great. Yes, for the curious, I do know certain forms of magic. Don't ever ask me to demonstrate for you though, it's not fancy light shows as it is oft portrayed in television, film and literature. And even if you were an open practitioner, I would never demonstrate what I was capable of in the presence of another - lest I be tempted to tap into your lifeforce from which to draw energy from.

Note to self: ctrl+s in blogger automatically publishes posts, I did not realize this until I did it in the wrong window just now.

So now that I've successfully alienated even more people, should I babble about my week in general? or should I not? I could continue along in the above vein for hours and hours on end, but I should not. Thinking about magic is as dangerous as practicing it. Let us just say that there is a lot about me that I never told anyone and that not many people know about me. Well, now you know.

Now, for random shpiels about how life has been lately. Well, if you haven't been able to tell from the posts, I've been under a lot of stress. Had a midterm last friday, 12/20, not too bad I think. I mean, it could be better. If I had gotten 20/20, it could have been better, it can *always* be better, but given the circumstances of everything thus far, I'll take 12/20. 2 midterm's next week, calculus 2 on Thursday and object oriented programming on Friday. I should be ok for calculus 2, and since we don't particularly know what to expect for the Friday midterm, we'll have to wait and see.

Day after day, my list continues to grow. It is well past the thousands mark now, most of whom are given generic names. Everyone thinks I'm incapable of being violent, that I wouldn't possibly dare do this or the other. I am violent by nature, I've been getting better at controlling my temper, but I find that I'm still a grenade with the pin already pulled.

Realms-wise, I'm constantly improving, upgrading my characters and whatnots. Maressa is up to level 47 right now and she should be av'd pretty soon. I'll probably switch my seth thief over to Maressa so I can dress Xaerius well and use her as a physical only thief (non-breath mbos). Traded a pgen+raven guard for a dfb+catastrophe. I may or may not try to move the catastrophe, whether I do or not really is insignificant as I can use the catastrophe and also for what I can get for it. Ran corst this morning, have sin/olsen this wednesday, and cato next saturday morning, plus 2 midterms, and whatever else I'm going to have to do will probably be my upcoming week, but then again, isn't that what most of my weeks are like?

Zalenaem <1726/1726>garb
You are using:
the sigil of Aalakab
(Red Aura) (Humming) Set's ring of Power
(Red Aura) (Humming) Set's ring of Power
(Red Aura) Collar of Abyssal Servitude
(Red Aura) Collar of Abyssal Servitude
(Magical) the Dragonhide Breastplate
(Glowing) Veil of Divine Wrath
(Magical) obsidian leggings
(Red Aura) (Magical) (Humming) chains of imprisonment
(Red Aura) Inescapable Grasp of Doom
(Red Aura) a strand of polished jade
(Magical) (Humming) the cloak of Death
(Red Aura) A shroud of darkness
a girth of mangled hide
(Humming) a shadowy, coiled cobra
(Humming) a shadowy, coiled cobra
(Red Aura) Darkfire blaster
(Red Aura) Darkfire blaster
(Red Aura) Demonic Whispers
(Humming) the Blindfold of Clarity
a shimmering, yellow robe
(Red Aura) (Magical) the facade of the Hannya
a demonskin ankle bracer
a demonskin ankle bracer

1726hp, 124dr, not too bad if I may say so myself.

Anyways, I have finished eating so I shall go rest for now, perhaps I'll scry subconsciously in my sleep again as I used to do. Or maybe I won't, who knows with me.



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