Friday, August 17, 2007

And yet again..

So I'm sitting here having a mug of steaming hot water (yes, not coffee...our bloody jar ran out yesterday), listening to Hoobastank and reflecting a bit on the past 3 weeks. It's been a very up and down few weeks, hectic to say the least, and I'm really about ready to just fall apart. Now, mind you, the reasons for that, are actually not for anybody else, but because of myself. I've always managed to avoid anything like that happening, but not this time it seems. Am I worried? Yes. What about? That should be pretty self-explanatory. The closer my probation draws to a close, the more I wonder about whether or not I'm going to still have this job. I think my problem is that I think about it too much. Yet, I find that I can't help it.
I never know what to write here anymore. I used to write about what happens day to day or how I feel. Now? I still have my little black book that I carry around. Although it's now in its 8th or 9th incarnation. That's where most of it goes when it's not just stewing around in my head. Maybe the next time I post will be when I write another song. Whenever that may be.


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